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    功能纳米与软物质研究院学术报告:Latest Material, Physics, and Device Research of the Third-Generation Semiconductor

    报告人:Prof. Xiaohang Li (Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory of Electrical Engineering Program, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST))
    报告题目:Latest Material, Physics, and Device Research of the Third-Generation Semiconductor

    III-nitride wide bandgap semiconductors as the most important part of the third-generation semiconductor have superior optoelectronic properties. In the past decades, III-nitride optoelectronics have led to revolutionary innovations in numerous industries. The invention of blue LED, in particular, has been awarded by the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics. Despite these progress, there are still enormous potentials for research and applications in the UV spectrum. For instance, UV LED can fundamentally change the entire sterilization industry. In addition, UV laser can revolutionize the communication and biochemical detection fields. This seminar will focus on the deep UV lasers and emerging B-III-N materials for UV devices. In addition, the seminar will discuss the research on the polarization toolbox that can lead to numerous device innovation and improvements.

    Professor Xiaohang Li is the Principal Investigator of Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory of Electronic Engineering Program under CEMSE division at KAUST. He received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with minor in Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Professor Li has made pioneering and world-leading contributions to the cutting edge of wide bandgap semiconductor research as shown below. He has been the recipient of many top awards including Harold M. Manasevit Young Investigator Award (one recipient per two year), SPIE D. J. Lovell Scholarship (one recipient per year) and IEEE Photonics Graduate Student Fellowship (10 recipient per year).

    Major contributions and achievements with Prof Li’s members and Prof Li as the first author
    First demonstration of α-, β- and ε-Ga2O3 films grown by MOCVD (CGD 2018)
    Polarization-free III-N heterojunctions on c-plane for optical devices (APL 2017)
    Record-large III-N heterointerface polarization for electronic devices (APL 2017)
    Record-small electron affinity of any known III-N alloy (APL 2017)
    Record-high boron content in monocrystalline BAlN layer (PSSB & JCG 2017)
    First UV LED grown on metal (OE 2017)
    Revelation of working principle of TMAl preflow for AlN growth by MOCVD (APL 2017)
    First high quality AlN/sapphire template grown by MOCVD with low cost (PSSB & JCG 2015)
    First deep UV surface stimulated emission from semiconductor structures (APL 2015) First TE-TM optical polarization switch of semiconductor laser (APL 2015)
    First low-threshold deep UV semiconductor laser on sapphire substrates (APL 2014)
    First semiconductor laser below 260 nm on sapphire substrates (APL 2014)

    In addition to academic teaching and research, Professor Li has been involved in a variety of business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and mentoring activities. He has attended the graded MOOC MBA courses by Wharton School of Business and passed with certificates of accomplishment. He has been selected for the extremely competitive McKinsey and BCG summer programs for advanced degree holders in the US. He has been involved in the creation of start-up companies in Boston and Atlanta in the U.S. and has been covered by many top media reports including Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Tech Crunch and Gigom. He has won prizes in several entrepreneurial competitions. He has served as President of the IEEE Photonics Society chapter at Lehigh University. He is a guest writer of the Edison Innovation Foundation of the United States and is also a mentor for many undergraduates' postgraduate academic and career development.

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